Computer Recycling Melbourne

We’re a computer recycler with the environment in mind.
We Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle computers & get them into hands of people in need.
Want to get rid of old Computers, Apple Mac, PC’s, Laptops,  Phones, e-waste?
100% safe destruction of your old data.

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    E-Waste Recycling Melbourne (Dingley Village)

    Yes, we collect old computers!


    We collect your old computers, laptops, Apple Macs, notebooks & e-waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

    Downsizing, upgrading or moving office? Don’t send them to landfill and contribute to electronic waste problem.

    eWaste Pro Computer Recycling Melbourne is here to help.



    What do we do with old computers?

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink, Refuse to dispose.

    In short, we get them into the hands of people in need.

    Anything that can’t be used again gets broken down and recycled for metal and parts.


    Is my personal data safe?

    Yes, we remove your old hard drive and erase it, then physically destroy it so it can never be used again. We then install brand new SSD drives into your old computer with a fresh copy of Windows.

    Data destruction certificates can be issued.


    Contact our computer recycling team and do your bit to reduce e-waste.



    CERTIFIED DATA DESTRUCTION (Your data is safe)

    Computer Recycler Melbourne

    eWaste Pro is a computer recycler who provides collection free of charge.


    • Desktop Computers / PC’s / Apple Mac’s / iMac
    • Laptops / Notebooks / MacBook
    • Tablets / iPads / Phones
    • Electronic items
    • Monitors / Sony Professional Video Monitors (PVM)

    Computer E-Waste Collection

    We come to you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can drop off your old electronics at our Dingley Village factory. Make contact to arrange a time.

    eWaste Pro will collect free of charge – Laptops, Desktop Computers, Tablets, etc

    We service the whole of Victoria, but our FREE catchment zone is 20Km from Dingley Village 3172. A small pickup fee may apply if you’re outside of this area.

    We accept any size, just one computer? No problem.

    The old computers are restored and prepared for re-use. Items that can no longer be restored are broken down into metals and recycled.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Rethink, Refuse to dispose. In short, we get them into the hands of people in need. 

    Your old data is safe.

    Yes, we securely destroy all data from your old hard drives. Data destruction certificates can be issued.


    We provide a free pickup service

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